Woven Labels: Labels That Stand Out and Stand The Test of Time

In the world of fashion one of the most overlooked, yet crucial elements of design is the label. Garment labels speak volumes to the customer, silently conveying the brands quality, integrity and message. They also convey essential care information, helping shopper to properly maintain their items.  Labels reflect the company image, which is why having eye-catching, high-grade woven labels that will make your products shine is key.

In fashion, it is all about the details which is why everything, from the label’s packaging to the labels themselves, make a statement- your statement. Your vision comes to life through your labels, so you must plan carefully, from concept through production, and that’s where Sun Tat Products can make the difference.

We can meet all your needs, specializing in a wide range of woven label designs and techniques. Our mission is simple: to provide you with labels that exceed expectations and guide you with our expert advice to make the process simple and fun. From damask, satin and metallic weaves to laser cut labels, heat seals, and adhesive application techniques, we’ll help you take your brand from ordinary to extraordinary.

Woven Labels: An Overview

Quality Woven labels are high-quality, durable labels used in the clothing industry that compliment any garment they adorn. Made using large spools of polyester threads that are fed onto a weaving loom, these labels are smooth, polished and great for showing detail and design intricacies. The can be used to display company logos, care instructions and garment information.

Stain Woven Label

Custom Woven labels can be manufactured using a variety of fabrics, including silk, damask and cotton. They are the top choice for labels because they can be made in a wide variety of colors, are great for fine lines and written instructions and are super soft, so they won’t chafe or irritate the customer’s skin. Versatile and beautifully crafted, they go well with high-end designs.

Why Labels matter

Woven clothing labels are your secret weapon when it comes to boosting sales and luring in customers. Why? Because they are the first things consumers look at when buying an item. You see, your label is like your signature: it is a symbol of your authenticity and style. That’s why it not only needs to stand out, but be of the highest quality. And that’s what we’ll do for you: give you labels that’s stand out and stand the test of time.

Labels convey integrity: Inferior labels, ones with frayed edges, or sloppy sewing, tells customers your brand’s worth is not where it should be. By using the right materials, sewing technique, colors and overall design for your labels, you convey to shoppers that your garments are in a class by themselves and safe to purchase.

Quality equals trust and trust equals loyal customers that will invest in your garments.

They also help shoppers figure out important information, such as pricing and materials. Shoppers want to know if a garment has materials they are allergic to or if it requires special care. Clear, concise labels give them the information quickly; often times, a hard to read or incomplete label will frustrate shoppers and they will look elsewhere.

Finally, labels tell customers you take pride in your work and want only the best for your customers, making them more likely to spend more.

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Woven Fabric Labels: Style Inside and Out

There are many styles of woven labels, the two most common being damask and silk. Your label should mirror your brands, so the weave is an important factor. After all, you don’t want to use satin on khaki, or damask on fine silk. You want everything to blend, so your brand looks polished and professional (and maybe a little fun). Here are the weave styles available and how they can work for you:

Satin Woven Labels

Satin labels are a good choice for brands looking to stand out, particularly vintage designers. If you want woven labels for handmade items, this may be a good fit. Soft and shiny, they are more aesthetic than practical, as they do not do well with fine details. They are also limited to three background colors: white, off-white and black, so they may not work with every brand.

In many instances you can mix and match, using satin for the background and damask for the wording, as they are both even matched in price.

Damask Woven Labels

Damask Woven Labels
Damask labels are the most commonly found labels, made from polyester yarns that come in hundreds of colors for complete customization. Damask is a good choice on cottons and other soft fabric, as it is smooth against the skin.

These labels are great for design with fine details, as they can be done in two sizes of thread. 50 denier thread is a thinner ilk and can weave minute details, making it tops with high-end baby designers, while 100 denier is a larger yarn and perfect for simple, straight-forward styles.

Damask labels are made on looms and are both durable and soft, for comfort and style.

Metallic Threads

Available in golds and silvers, metallic thread add a little something extra to your design, making the label pop ad catch the shoppers attention. It works well with damask woven labels, but can be irritating to the skin, so it is best used in small accents.

Woven Fabric Labels: Techniques That Work for you

The techniques used to apply labels are just as important as the materials: crooked, peeling or loose labels signal poor craftsmanship. Not just of the label itself, but the garment it’s attached to. That’s why we pride ourselves in the variety and caliber of our techniques. Here is what we can do for you:

Ultrasonic Edge Labels: A great technique for creating super-soft edges on your label, eliminating scratchy, rough material that can abrade or rub against the skin. With this technique ultrasonic sensors use vibrations to cut the label, splicing, feathering and blending for precision smoothness.

Ultrasonic label edges offer a great advantage over other techniques, as the sensors work on a large range of fabrics.

Marrow Edged/ Laser Cut Labels: Laser cut labels give brands precision and customization in terms of shape and overall design. Laser cuts help blend labels with the fabric of the garment and is the choice of most high-end designers.

Woven Edged Labels: A woven edge to your label gives it a smooth, precise finish discerning shoppers appreciate. They signal class and an attention to details. Keeps the label flush and neat looking.

Woven Patch with Heat Seal

Woven Patch with Heated Seal/ Pellon Backing/Padding: These sturdy, woven patches are great for designer logos and are applied with a heated seal for a strong bond that won’t curl or peel with wear or washing.

The patch is woven damask, for sharp, bright detailing and the padded backing makes it strong and provides comfort.

Sun Tat is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality woven labels, because it’s the little details that make the biggest difference. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, so you can be sure you will get only the finest workmanship each and every time. Labels define your garments, literally and figuratively, and with our labels your garments will be the definition of stunning. View our work to see all we can offer and please contact us with any questions. Whatever you need, we can give you.

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