Heat Seal / Velcro Backing Leather Patches

    Leather patches are some of the most high-quality labels you can use for your clothing brand. Created using animal hide, they are deceptively versatile in terms of color, sizing, and most importantly, placement and adhesion. Now, thanks to our heat-sealed Velcro backing option, you can use the same patch repeatedly, getting the most for your money, such as on school jackets or team uniforms.

    The Beauty of Leather

    Leather has always been the top choice of clothing manufacturers do to its durability, customization, and air of elegance, but many shied away from it due to pricing and placement limitations. However, the ability to use Velcro as a viable adhesion process has changed that. We offer a large selection of colors, shapes and finishes and with the Velcro backing you can now place them on any area you choose.

    For instance, you can use a Velcro backing for your team’s emblem on the front of a varsity jacket, a school emblem on a hat, or military ranking patches on uniforms. The beauty of these patches is that they can be moved around and mixed and matched, so you can get a solid return on your investment.

    Leather Options

    Leather patches or labels can be stamped or laser embedded with your company/school/team logo, design, or mascot. We can also do number and name patches, so organizations can re-use them when called for. Ideally, since they are a bit thicker and heavier than a canvas patch they are best used on hats, jackets, bags, jeans, or any other garment or accessory that is sturdy and can show it off properly. Bear in mind that leather is quite durable, but can become damaged from water and other elements over time.


    When ordering, Sun Tat can create any image/logo or message. We can have samples ready in 7-10 days, and bulk orders can be done in 10-14 days; if you need a rush order or have special instructions we will do our best to accommodate you

    Heat Seal/ Velcro Options

    If you are looking for a leather patch that you can move and remove from garments or are need leather parches for uniforms or team gear then our patches with Velcro backing are your best choice. Heatseal backings give your patch rigidity, so they lie flat, for a clean, crisp look and easy application. We can use either leather or imitation, heat sealing the patch and attaching it to your garments with Velcro; the beauty of it is you can position the patch virtually anywhere and swap patches within your line if need be.

    Here are Sun Tat we offer Velcro in more than just basic black, including green, brown, different shades of gray and other colors that you can inquire about.

    Let’s look at the 2 types of Velcro patches we offer:

    Hook-Sided Velcro Backing

    Hook-sided Vecro comes in one or r=two sides and is the best choice if you plan to remove and re-attach the patches frequently. This is the preferred option for military and teams where uniforms and other accessories will be re-used. It can be taken off with ease yet stays in place when it is on so you don’t have to worry about the patch moving or becoming lost.

    Hook and loop fasteners come in either on or two-sided. If the garment you are using it on already has an area for a loop fastener, your best option is one-sided Velcro. It simplifies the process, which explains why it is one of our best sellers here at Sun Tat.

    Two-Sided Velcro Backing

    Two-sided Velcro backing is the way to go if your garments and accessories do not already have an area for a loop fastener. With this backing you get both the hook and loop sides, so all you need to do is sew the loop fastener onto your hat/jacket/jeans or any garment you plan to use it on. What is nice about two-sided backing is that it can make any garment Velcro ready.

    Here at Sun Tat we are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality patches, which is why we sew the patch and backing together, as opposed to gluing it like other companies. It gives the patch longevity and a cleaner application, so you get a better look and feel.
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