Embroidery Leather Patches

Embroidered leather patches offer designers a unique opportunity, blending practicality with dramatic flair for an eye-catching label that works on high-end and everyday lines. With this style of patch, you have the ability to create with leather without being confined by it in terms of color thanks to the thread embroidery. It opens up unlimited combinations and gives you additional placement options, for one-of-a kind creations that will really let your brand shine.

Leather & Embroidery: A Winning Combination

Using embroidered leather patches gives any line a hand-sewn, authentic look that conjures up images of hand-tailoring from an era long gone. Using threads of varying thicknesses, a logo, image, or catchphrase can be sewn on by machine in any color. So, you’ll no longer be constrained in your design choices and can put your own spin on your label- just as it should be.

Thread colors vary from pastels to bright primaries, so they can be used to create your brand logo, a slogan and more with ease; even better, since the threads come in varying thicknesses, it can be used to create intricate detailing, such as scrolls or a fancy border, so you can really let your imagination take over.

How to Use Embroidery

Embroidery is great for edgings, complex pictures and definition, and can be done on leather, imitation leather, and suede. It looks especially nice on jean labels, giving wearers the impression it has been sewn “onto” the fabric, or as a custom patch on a leather jacket.
The look of your leather patches depends on the finishes and techniques used to create them. There are even leather embroidery patches that looks like wood. Whether you opt for real leather, faux leather or suede, there are different ways to bring your label to life and give it a decidedly unique look.

When using embroidery you have the ability to design a label or patch unlike any other and since leather costs a bit more you should make the most of this opportunity and do a label that is stunning. For these labels we recommend using thread colors that pop against a neutral leather and putting either your company name or logo, so shoppers see it from afar.


When ordering, Sun Tat can create any image/logo or message, whether it is an image you’ve created or one you want us to sraw up for you. Our expert staff will walk you through the design process, so you can create the ultimate patch.

We can have samples ready in 7-10 days, and bulk orders can be done in 10-14 days; if you need a rush order or have special instructions we will do our best to accommodate you.

Why Leather Patches Are Best For Your Brand

Labels are an opportunity to gain customers before they even try on your garments, which is why leather is your best option. Unusual and distinct amongst a crowd of paper and woven labels, leather calls out to shoppers, reeling them in and making them take a closer look at your line.

Leather gives a piece an elegant finish, which speaks of quality and integrity to shoppers. They associate a quality patch with quality pieces and assume your line is worth top dollar. As a result, they are willing to spend more, increasing your sales and profits. They also become repeat, loyal customers, as shoppers want brands they can trust.

Leather patches can be configured in any size and are usually imprinted with the brand logo or slogan, so shoppers instantly recognize pieces, whether they are on individual display or on a rack with other brands. This is great because shoppers won’t be distracted by other labels and will go directly for the brand they know.

Here at Sun Tat our goal is to ensure you get the label you want. Our experts will walk you through the process and ensure the label is created exactly to your specifications. Contact us today for more information:

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