Satin Woven Labels

Those looking for a soft, supple label to adorn the inside of their clothing line need look no further than a satin woven label. Shiny and crisp, they lend a clean, fresh look and feel great against the wearer’s skin, making them the ideal tag to choose for the inner lining of jackets or other articles that lie against the skin. And thanks to SunTat’s exceptional cutting and adhesion processes, they are durable and will look just as good on day 100 than on day 1.

Satin is heralded for it’s feel, which is why many designers choose it for clothing such as t-shirts and baby clothing. Similar to damask in some ways, satin creates a more polished look, which is why many use it despite its color and printing limitations

Satin: The Good & The Bad

Satin is often compared to damask, but it is a bit more delicate and can only be used in a set number of ways. Ideally, it is best used for company names, washing and care instructions, and sizing information. It is hard to create small, intricate details on it since you can’t weave tiny details or lettering, but for clothing information it is an excellent choice. It lies flat, doesn’t irritate the skin and is easy to read the print on it, which is why we recommend it for inner labels. It is also quite versatile in how it is applied to clothing, so you can customize where it’s placed and ensure it lasts wash after wash.

Satin Vs Damask

When it comes to the question of Satin or Damask, there are a lot of reasons to choose Satin over Damask. First of all, satin and damask are similar in price, so you can get a label with a more eye-catching sheen for a comparable price. Secondly, it can be cut into many shapes and sizes, so you can put your personal touch on how it is created. Third, and most importantly, it looks and feels more high-end.
The closed weave looks smoother and pleasing to the eye; it also works better with soft materials like silk and cotton, as it doesn’t interfere or scratch the back of the wearer’s neck. If you are creating tees, baby clothing or a vintage line, nothing is better than the look of satin labels.

Colors, Size, and Cutting

The one drawback with Satin is you are limited in terms of colors, both background and lettering. For the background you can use white, off-white and black; lettering can be almost any color, but since the satin is thin, bright colors tend to not show as well. Pastels are ideal, but either can work- just expect a more muted look.

Here at SunTat the background color is included when placing an order, as the threads used to create them are woven using a loom; as a result, black and white are considered a color when ordering. Overall, we have a large variety of colors to pick from, so you can rest easy knowing your label will match your vision. There is a maximum of 8 colors for our woven labels and the number of colors in your label affects pricing, which our sales team will be more than happy to help you with. They will sit with you and help you choose the right combinations to ensure every detail is taken care of.

You can do any size woven labels you want, but pricing may be affected by certain sizing, all of which we will help you figure out. As far as cuts, here at SunTat Satin labels are cut using either a sonic laser or heat knife so the threads fuse together and don’t fray no matter how often they are worn or washed, which

In addition, we also offer the option of having your labels adhere using adhesive instead of sewing them on. You can choose either heat (iron-on) adhesive or stick adhesive. The heat adhesive style is permanent and as strong as the sewn style while the stick adhesive is strong, but will eventually come off. What you choose depends on you.


Here at Sun Tat our goal is to ensure you get the label you want. Our experts will walk you through the process and ensure the label is created exactly to your specifications. Contact us today for more information:

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