You may find this hard to believe, but trust me when I say celebrities are just like us. They may have more money (and a stylist), but that doesn’t stop them from struggling and obsessing with looking their best. Truth is, many celebs play a big role in looking fabulous- and we can learn some great tricks and tips from them.  Here are some of today’s top fashion icons and what sets them apart from the rest:

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow Fashion
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Actress, businesswoman, and a fashion icon for almost 2 decades, Gwyneth Paltrow manages to always look put together without losing her edge. While she may appear to be a straight arrow, as we all learned from her “uncoupling,” she has a wild side- one that shows in her fashion style. From ball gowns to miniskirts, she always puts her own stamp on a look- whether it be an outrageous big bow or daring, peek-a-boo slits. The secret to her fashion success is that she understands fashion and how to push boundaries subtly.

She is always current, taking classic pieces, like jeans, and updating them with a funky boot. Not afraid to take risks, she constantly changes her look, sporting various colors, textures and styles. Gwyneth is often seen in fitted, pencil slim pants and business casual clothing that looks anything but stuffy.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively Fashion
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This young mom and former Gossip Girl actress has everyone gossiping about her picture perfect fashions, even when she’s pregnant! Taking over the red carpet with a baby bump and form fitting gown that flattered and enhanced in Cannes, she proved once again why she is seen as a style maven. She also proves a fashion myth to be true: show your curves, don’t hide them. Layers on curves tend to make you look frumpy and heavier- clean lines and fitted styles slim and flatter.  Her everyday style is just as head-turning, opting for modern, sexy apparel that accentuates, rather than obscures them.

Blake is a chameleon, constantly playing with necklines and hemlines to give her outfits a sexy feel without being too much. One day she’s wearing a sweet but alluring shirt dress and the next she’s in a pencil skirt and 40’s up-do. Blake knows her body and works with it, which is a fashion must for curvy figures.

Lady Gaga

Musician, actress and mother to all “little monsters” Gaga always makes a statement with her work, and her eccentric, over-the-top clothing. Known for outfits no one else would dare to wear- remember the meat dress- Gaga manages to push the envelope without coming off as cartoonish. That’s because she wears her outrageous fashions with intent and makes sure they fit the moment- like that sparkly, other-world princess gown she wore to the Grammy’s.

Known for mile-high, futuristic heels and vivid colors, she can also do classy and understated, which seems to turns heads even more. Lady Gag knows when to throw on a sleek gown and when to wear a jaw-dropping spiked crown, showing everyone that you can take chances with your style- just be focused and make sure it makes sense.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

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Ever since she rocked the famous Rachel hair cut on Friends, Aniston has been admired for her easy, classic style, on and off screen. Known for wearing casual, but put together outfits, like jeans and a fitted tee, Aniston stays at the forefront of fashion by forgoing trends for timeless looks that are always on point. She is often seen in button down shirts, fitted pencil skirts, khaki shorts and jeans, for a relaxed look that proves anyone can look like a star-you don’t need a big budget or wardrobe.

Aniston revealed in an interview what the secret to her great look is, and it’s one everyone can use: tailoring. Whether it is a t-shirt or blouse, having clothes tailored to your shape can take a look from okay to phenomenal- and Aniston is the proof!

Ashley Graham

This plus size model, the first to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, refuse to be defined by size and shows that you don’t need to be either. Her cutting edge style is flirty and daring, proving any size can be sexy. Ashley opts for tops with sheer panels to show some skin and loves to mix pencil skirts with eclectic leather jackets and accessories.

She pays up her assets, letting her tummy peak out of a midriff-baring shirt or donning a sexy two-piece that highlights her hourglass form. She embraces her body, and you can too by opting for sleek, trendy pieces that let you reveal just enough to keep people watching.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

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From Mickey Mouse to the stage, this actress/singer proves age is just a number- elevating her style from kid-friendly to grown-up glam in the blink of an eye. Selena’s look can best be described as effortless, whether she is walking down the streets in a crop top and denim jacket or at an awards ceremony is a sexy, barely-there slip dress. Selena is the queen of taking fashion no-no’s, like pairing black and blue, and making it a yes.

Her outfits seem thrown together, but they always flow and she favors stylish, up-to-the-minute fashions that give her a distinct look. Like Selena, you can make a statement with your outfits by picking a signature piece, like a textile jacket, and pairing it with simple leggings.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker catapulted to fame as NYC fashion columnist Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and The City, and the character seems to have stayed with her, as evidenced by her eclectic and always fashion conscious style. Known for her Manolo’s and tutus off screen, Parker is not afraid to think outside the box and loves to play with accessories (especially shoes!).

From rocking shorts on the red carpet to wearing flowing summer gowns with tons of pearls on the streets, she is always in something different and loves to have fun with fashion. Her signature style blends runway with every day, and she favors dresses. Sarah shows how to be dressed, but still let your personality shine through and be memorable.