The right label in the right spot can make all the difference for a clothing line, which is why I’m such a fan of printed labels. Whether it’s a tag featuring their logo or an inside label telling customers the size and care instructions, printed labels let you do it in style. Offering more textures, colors and materials than any other clothing tag, they allow you to put your “stamp” on your line and leave a lasting impression. Like the bow on top of a package, printed labels pull everything together and is the finishing touch on your line. Read on to find out how!

Printed Labels: Your Secret Branding Weapon

The labels you choose for your garments and accessories are as important as the garments themselves because they can make or break a sale. You see, it’s not what your tag says that matters as much as what it’s made of and how it looks. A shoddy label, much like a bad haircut, gives the impression you don’t care and didn’t give your brand your all. And if you don’t care, why should anyone else?

Rotary Print Labels in White Base Cloths

Printed labels eliminate this issue. Versatile, durable, and stylish, they can be done using canvas/cotton, satin, nylon/ Tyvek, rotary, silk-screen, providing you with endless color and design possibilities. For instance, you can use cotton twill to show off your brand logo on the back pocket of jeans or a silky-soft satin for the inside of tees and lingerie. Fact is, with these style of labels, you have the luxury of putting the perfect label in the ideal spot, showing customer your individuality and attention to detail.

Even better, like the perfect product placement in a TV ad, having the luxury of placing labels in almost any spot lets you customize the look of your line and sends a clear message to shoppers that your line is worth their time and money.

Printed Labels: Send the Right Message

The way you use your printed labels, in terms of what you print on them and where you place them will depend on the material of the garment and the material of the label. Here’s a look at each type of printed label and how best to use them:
Cotton/Canvas: When you use cotton or canvas you get a natural looking label that is also quite durable, so it won’t fade or tear after repeated washings and wear. Cotton is soft, yet resilient and pairs well with tees, or other casual wear. Canvas is slightly thicker and more rugged, which is why it goes great with khakis, jean jackets and other outdoor apparel.
Both can be dyed but look best when left their natural hue and I suggest using them for abstract logos in a dark hue or garment information. Also, because the material can be frayed for an old, antique look it pairs great with vintage items too, like a funky back pocket logo on a pair of distressed jeans.

Satin Printed Labels

Satin is surprisingly resilient and is a smart choice for lingerie, baby lines or inside labels on delicate items. Soft and luxurious, they make wearers feel decadent and gives your line an air of sophistication. And the sheen they give off is excellent for promoting a logo or giving care instructions.

Satin Printed Labels on White Base Cloths and in Silver Colored Print

Satin holds its shape well after repeated wear and won’t irritate against a baby or adults skin. Think about it- who wants to put on a lacy bra and feel an abrasive tag rubbing against them? Subliminally, it tells shoppers you care enough to give them the best, which will make them want to buy from you.

It’s important to remember that satin labels come in black or white backgrounds, although some can be custom dyed for an additional fee. Also, you should not use them on any item that still must be dyed, as the label can become discolored and absorb the color.


Commonly found on outdoor items like jackets and backpacks, they are the most durable label you can use, making them ideal for logos and other information you want to stand the test of time. Nylon is tear resistant, which means it will look fresh no matter what is done to it, making your garments look brand-new even years later.

Although it only comes in black or white it can be made into a variety of shapes and looks great inside a bomber jacket or on the sleeve of a canvas backpack. Because it’s so strong it’s perfect for branding with a company slogan or picture, drawing in shopper’s eyes and giving you instant brand recognition.


Don’t be fooled by how paper-thin this material is because it’s almost as strong as nylon. An excellent choice for outside care labels on casual lines, it comes in white only, allowing whatever you print on it to stand out.
Since the material can be rough it is not good for inside labels, but it’s durability ensure washing or dry-cleaning instructions won’t fade or tear.


This unique process produces mesmerizing labels featuring special effects that jump out and grab shoppers’ attention. Like a 3D image, these labels have layers of depth, ensuring your brand stands out from all the others. From sculpted, raised letters to UV, curable inks that give labels a glossy sheen, there is no limit to what can be done.

There’s also no limit to the ways they can improve your brand, elevating it’s look and giving it a polished feel. With rotary prints, you have a wealth of textures, colors, and materials to use to design the perfect label design for your line.
If you want to be the best you have to use the best in every aspect of your line and printed labels are just that. Let Sun Tat help you create printed labels that will put your unique stamp on your line and take it to the next level. Our experienced, friendly staff are here to help you every step of the way!